What kinds of events and activities does PWR host? How often, when and where do you meet?

PWR meets monthly, in the evenings between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m., although we may vary the meeting times and include breakfast and/or lunch meetings in the future – depending upon the event, the speaker and/or the preferences of the group. The meeting day will vary from month to month, although it will generally be a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

We expect to alternate programs between Leadership events highlighting prominent Philadelphia women leaders, where the speaker will discuss her personal stories and experiences; skill-building events at which a speaker will share insights on particular topics such as networking, finding mentors, developing a successfully public presence and the like; and pure Networking events, where our participants will have the opportunity to exchange business cards and interact with other women professionals in an informal setting.

We meet in facilities donated to us, generally around Center City Philadelphia, and sometimes in other nearby locations.

Is there a fee to join or attend Events?

Our yearly membership dues are $100 and our events fees will be $20 for paid members and $40 for non-members and guests. You have the option to prepay your dues and event fees at a discounted rate of $240. This will cover your yearly membership and all regular monthly events. You will save you an additional $100 by prepaying under this option. Our PWR events have been graciously supported by the organizations that have been donating meeting space and refreshments, on occassion. As our organization and our slate of cutting edge speakers grows, we expect to cover the costs of our events from our dues, event fees, and sponsorship contributions.

Please see our “Membership” section for additional details and for a Membership Application.