There are a number of other women-oriented groups in Philadelphia, including those that focus on women in business. How is PWR different?

PWR complements, rather than substitutes for other organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area that focus on women in business. It is expected and likely that PWR participants and members are, and will continue to be, active in other women’s organizations (as are PWR’s founders). PWR is different from other organizations, since it targets women who either are on the edge of or have recently reached a senior (management) level within their organizations. PWR participants and members are still, in many respects, learning the ropes!

Although they may have experienced career success, they are not yet at the level of success for which they strive. PWR also targets women involved in various professions, across many industries, including corporations, professional services firms, government, non-profits, academia and small businesses. Finally, PWR is focused on advancing the goals of the particular, individual professional women it serves.

I know that “PWR” could stand for “power” – is that intended?

Although we would like to claim that we were that creative, it was actually a happy coincidence. However, as you will see if you come to one of our events, having recognized what PWR stands for, we do refer to the group as POWER and expect to continue to do so. It reflects our view of the organization as a source of power for women in moving their careers forward!